What is Robots

Robot is an intelligent machine basically programmed by a computer , capable of performing  multiple function automatically with speed and correctness. Its segment are mostly electro-mechanical and are managed by a computer program or electronic circuitry that can be command by an outer control tool or the control may be enclosed within. Integrated different sensors let on the robot to operate its work as per variation in the circumstances. There are different types of robots according to their functionality.

Types of Robots

There are mainly seven types of robots i.e. 

1) Pre-Programmed Robots

2) Humanoid Robots

3) Autonomous Robots

4) Teleoperated Robots

5) Swarm Robots 

6) Augmenting Robots 

7) Soft Elastic Robots


types of robots

Following Are the Different Types Of Robots

1)Pre-Programmed Robots

Pre-programmed types of robots manage their predefined task in a disciplined way by simply execute the program build in it. They cannot change their behavior during their work, further no human is guiding their actions. They do their job without getting tired and continuously with very good preciseness.

Pre-programmed robots are awfully good for those job which demand great deal of accuracy at a ultrafine level.

Pre-programmed robots Example- a)A mechanical arm on an automotive assembly line. The arm be of use to spray paint, welding a door, screw insertion etc and perform it’s work  better, faster and more streamlined than a human.

1.1 Cartesian/Gantry Robots
1.2 Cylindrical Robots
1.3 Spherical Robots
1.4 SCARA Robots
1.5 Robotic Arms – (Articulated Robots )
1.6 Parallel Robots

b) During Cancer patient treatment,  radiation should deliver very precisely to kill tumors , otherwise end up killing healthy tissue near the tumor. The CyberKnife radiosurgery machine designed to deliver very precise doses of radiation to very precise locations within the human body.

2)Humanoid Robots

Humanoid robots copies the human body , portray human behavior and also perform human like activities with facial expressions. They have a torso or trunk, a head, two arms, and two legs, though some forms of humanoid robots may model only part of the body, i.e. from the waist up where as some have heads aimed to clone human facial appearance such as eyes, nose, forehead and mouths. 

humanoid robots

Example-  Sofia is a humanoid-like robot that’s expert of holding a conversation or social interaction. Sofia is also extraordinary as has been given official citizenship in Saudi Arabia and the United Nations title of “Innovation Champion”. Other Humanoid are Boston Dynamics  Atlas, Honda’s Asimo , Android Geminoid  DK , Nao, QRIO,AIBO, Pepper, Sanbot etc.

3)Autonomous Robots

Autonomous robots operate on their own with a higher degree of autonomy without interference of human operator. These types of robots are usually designed to carry out tasks in open environments that do not require human supervision. They find out changes in the surrounding and adjust it accordingly.

Autonomous robots Example- Roomba vacuum cleaner, which uses sensors to move across a home freely.  


4)Teleoperated Robots

Teleoperation, also called telerobotics, is the technical term for the remote control of a robot called a telechir . These types of robots are monitored distantly by a human being. The remote control signals can be sent through a wire,  local wireless system , over the Internet or by satellite. These robots usually work in extreme geographical conditions, weather, circumstances or environments that are too dangerous, uncomfortable, limiting, repetitive, or costly for humans to perform.

Teleoperated Robots

Examples – Drones used to detect landmines on a battlefield and the robotic arm on the Space Shuttle. It used to fix underwater pipe leaks during the BP oil spill inspection, maintenance, construction, mining, exploration, search and recovery, science, surveying.

5) Swarm Robots

Swarm robots consist of multiple small robots. These types of robots architecturally do not create a single conjoint robot, but operate as their robot modules operate cooperatively. Swarm robotics is the study of how to tune or correlate large groups of relatively simple robots through the use of local rules. It get Influence from societies of insects that can carry out tasks that are farther away from the strength of the individuals.

6)Augmenting Robots

Augmenting robots either upgrade or increase current human capabilities or replace the potential or capabilities a human may have lost or ruined.

These are most helpful types of robots at present. It is most popular in the medicine area due to its tremendous demand for persons with disablement. Augmenting robots became a boon for humanity or help humans to be limitless as people get replacement for their lost. Thus disabilities will no longer be barrier nowadays..

Augmenting Robots

Examples -IN MEDICINE (Prostheses),IN INDUSTRY (Exoskeletons). Above LUKE arm is a modular prosthetic arm developed by DEKA Research & Development Corp.

7)Soft Elastic Robots

snake robot

Soft/elastic robots, are new introductions to robotics. These types of robots are generally bio-inspired. Most applications are inspired from squids or inchworms both  structurally and functionally. 

1)Snake Robots
2)Crawler Robots
3)Hybrid Robots

These are all different types of  robots  acknowledge as amazing robots in the world.


Whether bring down execution or working with process of bringing together the component knowing the various types of robots available around us will help to select the best. We can already see a variety of robots used for different applications in the world and touched our life in various segment. As technology advances, robots are likely to play a greater and greater role in our lives. The different types of robots and their applications vary greatly, from industry to commercial uses.

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