These days use of robots in real world are numerous. Irrespective of their complexity they are awfully makes our live easier. Use of Robots are  illustrated as  in education, exoskeletons, manufacturing, assembly and packing, transporting, survey, medical, defense, security, laboratory research, domestic purpose, logistics, travel etc.

Table Of Contents

1)Use of robots in Security 

2) Military 

3) Underwater

4) Telepresence

5) Research

6) Emergency and Disaster Response

7) Education

8) Exoskeletons

9) Medical 

10) Domestic 

11) Entertainment

12) Travel

13) Logistics

14) Agriculture

Use of Robots in Different Application

1)Use of Robots In Security

They are able to operate 24/7, day or night and in harmful weather conditions.Thus perfect for keep an eye on industrial parks, power plants, malls, campuses, residential area and chemical storage facilities.

Use of Robots

 1)Example – Knightscope , K5 is a 400-pound, 6-foot tall autonomous security robot that move restlessly on parking corridor, the entrance of office campuses, sports stadium lobby, and shopping malls for doubtful action ,even those extent where guards says no to patrolling . They have been set up under hazardous bridges in San Francisco, crime-dominant public parking and homeless sites.

2) Cobalt’s security guards .

2)Use of Robots In Military

Military robots are independent robots or remote-controlled mobile robots construct for military  utilization  like shipping, transfer, inspection, relief or rescue and attack ,walking through an area planted with explosive mines, defusing explosive bomb or clearing out hostile or adverse buildings. The military also uses bomb disposal robots and drones. 

The airy perceptions Drones are being utilized to set up tough scientific research, collect data, serve dispatch services, and even snap wedding photos. The numerous applications have acknowledge drones to reform industries overall.

Use of Robots

2) The Avatar III tactical robot from Robotex can be used by military SWAT teams to keep human soldiers safe and free from danger.

3)K-MAX , Squad Mission Support System (SMSS).


3)Use of Robots In Underwater

They consist of deep-sea submersibles i.e. small underwater craft used for deep-sea research like Aquanaut, diving humanoids like Ocean One, and bio-inspired systems like the ACM-R5H snakebot.

Robots perform a variety of tasks like

1)raising fish to survey analysis of the destruction of a ship at sea by sinking or breaking up.

2)helping as marine biologist who studies ocean organisms that live in salt water.

Use of Robots

3) helping as a water engineer who deals with the provision of clean water, disposal of waste water and sewage and the prevention of flood damage.

4) helping as Landscape architecture who study and practice of designing environments (outdoors & indoors) of varying scale that encompasses elements of art, environment, architecture, engineering and sociology.

4)Use of Robots In Telepresence

A Telepresence robot is a remote-controlled or monitored, autonomous robots, wheeled device that has wireless internet connectivity. It allow to be present at a place without actually going there. Typically, the robot equipped with a smartphone or motorized desktop stands which are connected to a camera or a monitor. 

Use of Robots

They are commonly used as follows:

1)used as tour guides,

2)night watchmen,

3)factory inspectors,

4)healthcare consultants.

5)workers can use it to collaborate with colleagues at a distant office,

6)doctors can use it to check on patients.

7)In a distance education class, It can move around the room and interact face-to-face with individual students, just as an on-premises instructor might.

8)In business, it can be used to help an employee whose disability or location prevents him from travelling , still have a physical presence in the office.

9)In the corporate sector, a business owner can access his/her various operations, can monitor their teams or attend conversation, seminar and meetings by operating a telepresence robot placed in that office premise or ground. 

10)Telepresence robots have been used in various area of expertise, such as providing home care assistance for elderly people and simplify virtual school attendance by students with physical disabilities or impairment.

11)It can be found not only in the offices and factories but in the hospitals, nursing homes, schools, colleges, real estate agencies, museums, at trade fairs and increasingly in homes.

12)No doubt Telepresence robot helps us in many ways like  decreases corporate travel costs,reduces the tiredness bring about by long journeys for work,makes telework easier,reduces CO2 diffusion and  allows or permit the people unavoidably or without missing to be virtually present at meetings/in the office and  resulted as lots of future possibility for achievement. 

The telepresence robots market was valued at USD 148.3 million in 2018, and is expected to reach a value of USD 285.4 million by 2024, at a CAGR of 11.53% over the forecast period (2019 – 2024). 

5)Use of Robots In Research

The large majority of robots are use in universities and corporate research centre. These robots not only do useful things, but also help researchers in many ways.

Use of Robots

1)With controlled robots, scientists can investigate or explore in outer space without putting themselves in great danger and achieve the same results safely. In this way the risk factor has been greatly  cut down.

2)It also helpful to do research in difficult environments such as deep water, extreme cold and hazardous condition.

3)They are mainly designed to collect or analyze data.

4)They may be used to assess the proficiency of robotics software or newly developed apparatus.

5)Research robots are also used in a vast range of studies link with human interaction, movement and travelling.

6)Use of Robots In Emergency and Disaster Response

A rescue robot is used for rescuing purpose i.e. to help someone or something out of a dangerous and access to unreachable areas.

These robots perform dangerous jobs like searching for survivors in the after-effects of a significant unpleasant event, for emergency response where the situation may be too dangerous for humans. For example, after an earthquake and tsunami.

Use of Robots

Common situations that  make use of rescue robots are

1)mining accidents,

2)urban disasters and adversity,

3)hostage situations,


5) military observation of a region to locate an enemy and mapping

6)removing or shoring up rubble

7)delivery of supplies

8)medical treatment

9)evacuation of casualties


1)The Centauro robot is capable of using human tools to execute manipulation tasks and can demonstrate manipulation strength capacity that is higher than that of the typical human adult.

2)Atlas a dreadful presence at 6 feet, 2 inches, Boston Dynamics’ humanoid  is lay out for high mobility and can work out or handle outdoor, rough region. The robot walks like a human so its upper limbs, like ours, can lift or carry thigh.

7)Use of Robots In Education

This broad category is aimed at the next generation of roboticists, for use at home or in classrooms. It includes hands-on programmable sets from Lego, 3D printers with lesson plans, and even teacher robots like EMYS.

Use of Robots  

Educational robotics teaches the design, analysis, application and operation of robots. SMART Boards are interactive white boards which can project computer displays and allow the students to interact with them through touch, SMART pens help the students to write on the screen & the board can translate the student’s handwriting into the computer text and then save it as a document file on the connected computer.

8)Use of Robots In Exoskeletons 

Robotic exoskeletons can be used for physical rehabilitation and for enabling a paralyzed patient walk again.

Use of Robots

Bionics: It is one of the most popular and advanced field of applications of robotics, where the region of human body which is disabled is replaced by a robotic one and is controlled by muscle simulation.

9)Use of Robots In Medical 

In Hospitals, Medical Centers and Nursing Homes

Within the last ten years, microscopic bots , both biological and mechanical will be used to clear clogged arteries or blood clots, measure of a blood resistance to flows due to its stickiness, stroke, cystic fibrosis(formation of excess fibrous connective tissue in an organ) and deliver drugs to precise locations in the body.

Use of Robots

Exp- They could help people with injected into tubes to break up obstructions and clear the passageway. Each tiny microscopic or blood bot is about the size of a blood cell.

For reference, that’s 50 times smaller than a human hair.A bunch of these bots are coated with the clot-dissolving drug and injected into the blood stream of a patient. Once inside, they’re controlled via magnetic fields outside the body and driven as quickly as possible to the clot site.At the clot site, the drug-laced blood bots dissolve the clot.

When their work is done, the magnetic field is removed, allowing the bots to disassemble into individual particles that can be metabolized by the liver.

Other Application of Medical robots

1. Lifting and repositioning patients.
2. Delivering medications to patients’ rooms.
3.Acting as mobile supply wardrobe, following nurses from room to room.
4.Delivering lab samples and reports.
5.Conducting routine monitoring of patients — taking temperatures, blood pressure, glucose and so on.

6.Newly developed robots can pinpoint the ideal vein and withdraw blood in half the time it takes a nurse to do the same thing.

7.In robot-assisted surgery, the surgeon controls a robot, either through a telemanipulator or computer, to perform very delicate medical procedures; therefore, reducing the risks involved. 

8.To perform the complex operations in delicate regions of the body robots especially nanobots are used.Robot-assisted surgery is less invasive, more precise, and likely to open new horizons for surgical treatments.

Auris, for example, is exploring non-invasive surgical tools for lung and throat cancers. 

 With the proper tools and set-up in place, proper healthcare could be delivered to the patient even in remote areas without the corresponding risks involved.  

The medical robotics market could be worth $12.8 billion by 2021.

10)Use of Robots In Domestic Purpose

These robots are used to perform household chores and include pool cleaning robots, robot vacuum cleaners and gutter cleaning robots.Robots can be seen all over our homes, helping with chores, reminding us of our schedules and even entertaining our kids.  

Use of Robots

Toyota has a robot in the works that, among other tasks, can pick up and tote items around the house, remind granny to take her pills and let someone watch via Skype while she does it.

Honda’s ASIMO understands voice commands, climbs stairs and handles complex tasks such as picking up and opening a glass bottle and pouring the contents into a cup. Eventually, bots will lift paralytics and help them dress and eat.

11)Use of Robots In Entertainment

These robots are designed to evoke an emotional response and make us laugh or feel surprise or in awe,make life fun and make us happy.It can walk, talk, run, dance, recognise voices and faces, play ball games and surf the web.

Use of Robots 

12)Use of Robots In Travel

Self-driving vehicles are taking the world by storm. Automakers, like Tesla, Ford, Waymo, Volkswagen and BMW are all working on the next wave of travel that will let us sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Use of Robots

Rideshare companies Uber and Lyft are also developing autonomous rideshare vehicles that don’t require humans to operate the vehicle.   

13)Use of Robots In Logistics

 Logistics companies employ robots in warehouses, and even on the road, to help maximize time efficiency. Right now, there are robots taking items off the shelves, transporting them across the warehouse floor and packaging them.

Additionally, a rise in last-mile robots (robots that will autonomously deliver package to our door) ensure that we’ll have a face-to-metal-face encounter with a logistics bot in the near future.

 Logistics Robots

14)Use of Robots In Agriculture

Robotics has made many invasion in the world of agriculture, especially when it comes to increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Application of Robots in agriculture sector

1)Self driving tractors are already being used to simply follow directions provided via a GPS in order to provide basic services like weeding.

2)drones can examine a field to find deficiencies in crops. They can analyze the water and dryness levels while determining the ripeness of the goods.

3)robots in agriculture are used for Harvesting and picking.

4)weed control, cloud seeding, planting seeds, harvesting, environmental monitoring and soil analysis.

5)Mobile robots and drones monitor oil and gas pipelines and electric transmission systems , carry out consistent observation and check out for  the signs of maintenance demand, to precisely dispatch maintenance teams.

It is proved that use of robots are uncountable. It is boon for human society.

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