Need of Build Up Strong Math Foundation

Cuemath helpful in build up strong math foundation at early stage because a strong math foundation is the essential key of success in mathematics, besides or apart from which students accomplishment or ability is gradually diminish and later on they started bypass math subject, lead to develop math anxiety or nervousness. 

It is universal truth that being the reason for downfall of building is the weak foundation. The most famous “The Leaning Tower of Pisa”, is a perfect example of that. The white marble bell tower began to settle unevenly underground after builders completed only three of its eight planned stories, due to weak foundation.

If we try to deal with division without grasping multiplications, addition and subtraction, we only hard try because these are the basic of division. Similarly we have to understand numbers before we can start add and subtract. Main bottom-line problems with the student are concept or basic is not clear. If foundation or backbone is weak than it’s difficult to cope up with complex math problem.

When a student flourishes a solid foundation in math, their approach towards new challenges are very efficiently and dive into new concepts with easiness. In order to build a strong foundation of math, we need an approach or method which targets from the bottom to the top, so that students able to evaluate the steps to solve a complex problem or to describe the breakup of formula or procedure.

Lack of understanding or gap in any concept break up the entire chain and droop the foundation.  If the unwillingness against math is not mark at base line or day one , in downstream it undergo to math anxiety. Vice versa a strong math foundation gravel the path for forthcoming achievement. Hence build up strong math foundation  is the pillar of success.

CUEMATH Build Up Strong Math Foundation

Cuemath’s  approach form both understanding and potentiality by building a strong math foundation across a certain duration and stimulate the child to fall in love with math. The purpose is expose the paramount feature of math learning to every student and sooner or later makes the child excellent at math. Cuemath handle every topic very logically and from basic principles.

For example, when a child study fraction, will first visualize model of the fraction and understanding the concept than after proceed towards it. Cuemath primarily focus on the fundamentals of the subject as in the way strong hold on foundation creates self-confidence to deal with any problem of the subject in higher class.

cuemath build up strong math foundation

Building a strong math foundation in students ensure or confirm that they uses math to act upon decisions made and justify these judgement moreover.

CueMath Learning approach

It uses Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach to teaching Math. 

Concrete– This is the “doing” stage. During this stage, students use manipulatives to model and solve problems.

Pictorial – This is the ‘seeing’ stage where visual representations of concrete objects are used to model and solve problems.

Abstract – This is the ‘symbolic’ stage where the children use mathematical symbols to model and solve problems.

cuemath build up of strong math foundation

CueMath Methodology

1)School Math Worksheets –    proceed the learning with the right way:

The workbooks offer 200-300 questions on every topic and topic-wise evaluation help children get daily observation on their carrying out, getting distracted keen interest and get engaged with learning through play and fall in love with math.

2)Use learning aids i.e. MathBox

Through various learning tool, math concept can be visualized. In other words math base can be seen-touch-feel, which is very effective when it comes to learning. Visualizing math concepts helps the child to make their own mental models and algorithms. They can then use these mental models and algorithms to understand concepts and find solutions better.

The nature of visual mathematics being much more open and creative can go a long way in reducing and eliminating the unwillingness, commonly seen in students towards the math subject.

strong math foundation

By these learning aids or learns through visual tools and manipulative students can indeed  visualize  math using numbers,fraction,patterns and shapes. Some of the learning aids are following :

math box of cuemath cuemath math box

  • Snap on cubes
  • Fraction blocks
  • Fraction rods
  • Spike abacus etc.
  • Base-10 Blocks
  • Algebraic Tiles
  • Pattern Blocks
  • Fraction Strips
  • Fraction Shapes
  • Geo Shapes
  • Play Money Notes
  • Play Money Coins
  • Color Counters  etc
  • Geo Board

3)Mental Aptitude Tab Skills –  Tab Exercises

4)Creative Reasoning –  Puzzle Cards

     Types of puzzles —  a)Geometric  b)Arithmetic  c)Logical

Here highlight on learning math by reasoning, which support the child not only illustrate the logic behind mathematical concepts and problems but also apply them to everyday life. It help students to think innovative and logically to find out answers.

cuemath puzzle

Solve puzzles routinely will induce them to hunt multiple possibilities and multiple solutions. They will master in pattern identification and problem solving skills and will develop algorithmic thinking. Furthermore they find out that even real life complication or issue can be work out using multiple approaches.

Workbooks, mathbox activities and module assessments help build conceptual or visionary understanding of the subject while tab activities and reasoning cards help to think quickly and logically to solve problems.

Cuemath learning approach and methodology helpful in building strong math foundation.

5)Home activities

  • Math Gym for arithmetic ability
  • Concept revision for testing conceptual understanding
  • Olympiad prep pack for ability and knowledge building
  • Catch up pack–catch up packs are meant for students who are struggling to solve their current grade workbook due to learning gaps in concepts from the previous grade(s).

CueMath focuses on nurturing concrete conceptual knowledge of maths. It deals with following aspects 

  a)Concepts of math through school math which includes syllabus of UK core, US and Singapore national , SSC, ICSE ,CBSE.

  b)Mental aptitude is taken care which is brought by limitless gamified levels of tablet activity, which boost the speed and accuracy of child in developing mental sharpness.

  c)Creative Reasoning is the feature which is taken care through puzzle cards , by which they develop real life problem solving skills and develops sideways thinking.

  d)Cuemath has perfect kit for Olympiad exam which can enable students to excel well in Olympiad.

Advantage of CUEMATH

1)Cuemath limelight on Build up strong math foundation and goes apart from text books.

2)Cuemath students gain an understanding excel because they learn math by virtue of  reasoning and thus upgrade in their logical reasoning abilities.

3)They are motivated to learn using a growth mindset, where mistakes and doubts form an requisite of the learning procedure.

4)With the company of a math expert teacher, students learn the ‘WHY’ behind the ‘WHAT’ of math concepts and build up a strong math foundation. As present scenario demand the  learning  by reasoning not by rote ultimately take the place of the blackboard way of learning with the reasoning way of learning, where knowing the WHY is more important than the WHAT.

5)After solving various puzzle cards in cuemath , students will master in spatial reasoning,logical deduction skills , pattern identification skills, problem solving and number sense skills.

6)Cuemath Develop critical reasoning skills because students learnt math through exciting puzzles,tab – based math games and stories with math clues.

7)Students able to connect various math concepts & visualize problems & create mental models and as a result develop algorithmic thinking.

8)Build their own mental models rather than being taught passively through blackboards and create algorithms instead of simply memorising them.

9)Cuemath students see the same concept from different points of view instead of getting just one standard explanation thus students see that questions can have various right answers breaking the myth of just one.

10)Cuemath’s learning method ensures the child is engaged and motivated to learn and builds up a strong math foundation thus learns twice as faster than the average school footstep.

11)Self paced learning allows the students to fast track their learning.They will be able to apply the concepts to solve problems outside textbooks.3 out of 4️ Cuemath students bagged Top 5 ranks in the Math Olympiad.

cuemath uniqueness


At Cuemath, students not only sharpen their mathematical skill but also work in the direction of overall brain development through aptitude tests and puzzle cards which facilitate them to think out of box.

This will not only benefit them academically but also in their life experiences as well. This is also a very valuable add on for competitive exams in future. Considering the value and skills receive at Cuemath with respect to other coaching is very high.

children joining from the first step of Cuemath, and gradually or moderately climb each step getting polished each year, shall turn out as a Gem of a student. Cuemath gives a holistic approach towards Maths learning, helping  overall development or blooming of the child.Not only the results but the child’s approach towards Maths in every day life will change your prospective or potential too in the direction of  Cuemath.

strong foundation of cuemath

Hence it is proved that Cuemath build up strong math foundation.


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