Abacus and CueMath cannot be compared. Both are after-school Math programs and used for the holistic  or whole development of child with a very different aspects of math approach. Each program has its own expertise and complexity but ultimately goal is same.

Difference Between Abacus  and CueMath 

Abacus Vs CueMath

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1) Abacus  approach  and procedure for  faster  mental  calculations  

whereas CueMath target on development concrete conceptual knowledge and understanding of maths.

2) In Abacus, a learning manner is a calculation device “The Abacus

whereas in CueMath  learning math concept by  “an activity” or by virtue of  “pictorial models “, example- Abacus, Base-10 blocks, Fraction shapes, Geo solids, Pattern blocks etc.

3) Abacus can be helpful in the development of one’s inner abilities like concentration, speed, memory, accuracy and learning ability

whereas CueMath helps children develop their ability to analyze and solve complex problems through reasoning and builds mathematical thinking in children.

Mathematical thinking is the ability to divide a problem into its structural and logical components analyzing the underlying patterns and conditions to find a solution applies not just to a math question paper but also to real life problems.It is also base to build complex problem solving and critical thinking.

4) Learning Abacus leads to overall development and improves the memory power and concentration of a child  

whereas at CueMath  children learn the WHY behind the WHAT of math concepts. The CueMath schedule combines concepts, aptitude and reasoning to encourage in-depth and active learning. 

5) Abacus is for faster arithmetic calculation. It helps children to calculate faster and increase the speed of mental calculations.

whereas CueMath focuses on building a strong math foundation and helping children learn conceptually instead of through memorization. Children learn by solving problems that require them to reason and figure things out.

6)Abacus learning is resulted as not only add, subtract, multiply and divide faster by memorizing thousands of abacus images but also helps in effective counting of decimal points, negative numbers, to extract square-roots and cubic roots etc. It helps with improvised writing and reading by promoting memory and creativity  

whereas in CueMath learn by reasoning i.e. know the reason behind the steps thus developing logical reasoning by finding numerous answers to a question.

7) Abacus build up stronger mental visualisation skills, develops or boost confidence and self-respect and helpful in improves and boosts memory of a child  

whereas CueMath covers concepts, builds mathematical aptitude ,  develops creativity and focuses on critical and analytical thinking. A person with critical thinking being able to use logic and reasoning to examine an issue or problem, look at various solutions to the problem, and evaluating the advantage and disadvantage of each approach. 

8) Abacus helpful in speed of doing calculations or solving problems, sharpens  observation & listening Skills , Improves accuracy & learning ability, better grasping power

whereas CueMath helps build connections between different domains of math and real life, help child to develop essential math skills that helps them utilize various mathematical concepts in problem solving in daily life and master the subject. This helps them become problem solvers and creative thinkers of tomorrow.

A person with critical thinking skills can suggest innovative solutions and ideas, solve complex problems using reasoning and logic and evaluate arguments. Ultimately if the child learns to think from principles, the child can rationally analyse any new situation and figure out the best way to deal with it.

Difference Between Abacus And CueMath

9)Abacus Increase IQ Level , left part brain development  and  reduces strain on short term memory and strengthen brain processing

whereas CueMath provide growth mindset. A person with a growth mindset understands that their abilities and intelligence can be developed and they know their effort to build skills will result in higher achievement. They will, therefore, take on challenges, learn from mistakes and actively seek new knowledge.  

10)Abacus boosts better and faster calculation skills, give the ability to mentally calculate extraordinary large numbers, often more than 10 digits at the expert level, with unusual speed and accuracy, utilizes eyes, ears and fingers to activate child’s senses

whereas cueMath develops out-of-the-box thinking through mathematical puzzles.


Difference Between Abacus And CueMath

Both the approach of learning is helpful for children. To met future demand faster mental arithmetic calculation and strong math foundation with creativity, reasoning , critical & analytical thinking, composite decision making and complex problem solving skill is necessary. But if one has to be chosen between both of them than we have to understand our priority and requirement. Therefore if objective is to make child faster at arithmetic calculations, prepare for competitive exam which is based on speed calculation within short span of time and memory utilization then the Abacus program is right choice and if objective is a strong math foundation and simultaneously to develop skills demanded by future evolution as combining math with one’s skill set is the best way forward , then the Cuemath program is a better choice. 

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