Teachers tend to spend most of their time standing at the front of the class, explaining formula,theory, examples, deliver lecture, asking questions and every students is expected to listen , copy down notes and perform at the exact same level ,same tempo and same process arises the question does education system need change?

Existing education system used memorize facts. Students are taught by rote instead of understanding deeper or breaking the fact  into parts and analyze each element carefully. Current system’s  primary focus placed on marks, it gives grades which is  necessary but not enough to determine ones skill.

education system need change

Ongoing education system used repetition and acquisition of facts to educate students; it meant that they were not evolving their inner critical thinking ability, problem solving and determination skills. As each pupil raise their own level of understanding, it would be very lengthy process for one teacher to draw up a specific plan of teaching for every student in their classroom, required the  education system need a change.

Approach of Current Education System

1) In existing education system students busy in taking or writing notes instead of grasping and giving attention to generate new ideas.

2) Because teacher has fixed span of time to explain the chapter or concept, maximum practices left for the homework. This procedure does not permit learners to trial with new thoughts & many of them puzzled also while doing actually at home.

education system need change

3) Every student has a different  learning style but teacher’s speech is standard. Thus results in the student’s incapability to keep pace with the teachers and loser to perform what they are capable of achieving.

4) Present scenario does not allow students to share ideas on a complicated problem, or talking in class to sort out the issue, here students compensated for what they achieved on their own, not with others .Hence it teaches not to work together or jointly  but going on individually,  where as  future demands for  collaboration or team up skills.

Famous quotes by Albert Einstein: “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”

Why Existing Education System Speech Less on Answering The Following ?

  • Does the education policy  meet the demand of the distracted learners?
  • Does it inspire deliver and flexible access to learning?
  • Does it help teachers to become adjusted to new conditions or reorganize their teaching to dynamic situations?
  • What is the motive of  teaching?
  • Do we need constructive, accurate, practical, analysis-focused teaching methods?
  • What the optimal ways to attain these objectives?
  • How we infuse interest among diverted students?
  • Does ongoing teaching method developed required skills in students?


Does The Future Generation Satisfy With Current Education System?

In a Research there are some interesting facts comes about education system

  • A large proportion of students preferring non-traditional classes.
  • They need an environment in which they freely conveys their opinions.
  • They try to Avoid obsolete classroom teaching method.
  • They wants more collaborative and open.
  • They prefer interactive sessions and consultation rather than lecturing for hours.
  • Wants an understandable teacher to figure out their minds and also friendly with them.
  • They  prefer visual aids i.e Visual learning, PowerPoint presentations, video lessons rather than current  method of learning.
  • Their point of view and standpoints should be weighed whenever they make a proposal.
  • Presentation skills, communication skills and overall classroom participation should also be considered instead of exam grade.
  • They thought the approach of teaching should be delightful and not the convention of using books to read through lessons.
  • They have to be encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities, fun activities etc.

All the above discussed parameter and report strongly indicates the need of  change in existing education system and transform our teaching approach  from Traditional to Modern as we cannot ignore the truth that all the circumstances, evidences, advantages,disadvantages, research represents the require to follow up new technique.

We have to admit that jobs of the forthcoming will desire very distinct form of expertise i.e. collusion, objective analysis, critical thinking, problem solving, leadership and much more.


 If  aim of a quality education for our children is to develop the skills integrated with learning and thinking, then education system should be change.There is demand to implement new and innovative learning programs , incorporate available technology to encourage students  creativity, imagination and confidence.

Approach for understanding learning and active participation rather than theory  to ignite their eager wish to know or learn about something which gives them enjoyment of learning.

We should  focus to make Education system more interesting for children and develop their problem-solving abilities. For this, we need to change the way or technique is being taught to them.

Sometimes the existing educational system doesn’t give a student what is required to learn and prosper. Therefore we just need a change in education system to reach the goal that a ongoing school system could not because of time, number of students, or a lack of understanding of what each child may demand.

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  1. It is very important issue that you have been raised for discussion. In view of my, as you have written in the above blog, it is universal true and needs to be change the education system as per your suggestion.

    Thanks once again to raise the above important issue on publically.

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