What is Coding 

Telling a computer what to do is simply called as coding, Computers have no brain but they are very obedient, whatever instruction we give to the computer , it executes and  gives us the output. They will do exactly what we want them to do in order to perform specific task or functions. It is the method of communicating with a computer. Basically, coding is giving instructions to a computer in order to produce a desired outcome. This blog back at you with explanation of Why Learn Coding

Why learn coding

Why Learn Coding

There are such countless motivations to master coding, it was difficult to pick only some advantages of figuring out Why Learn Coding . As Bill Gates once said, “Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.” Thus coding is not only about how to type lines of code but also how to think differently. When learning to code, kids also learn other important future skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

Reasons Why Learn Coding :

The advantages of figuring out how to code can be shockingly wide-running.

Why learn coding

1)Coding is a Language

  • Language teaches children how to communicate and use logical thinking. 
  • Coding is a language of instructing the machines & languages are best learnt early and learning new languages help with brain development of children.
  • It also strengthens both verbal and written skills.
  • It is a basic education in the digital age, and it is important for kids to understand the technology around them.

2)Learn Computational Thinking

  • Decomposition is one of the key features of computational thinking where children learn to think in a different ways. They need to  break  down the large problem into smaller pieces in order to solve it in an effective manner. 
  • Creating the steps needed to solve the problem, represent the problem in logically organizing ways and analyzing data and the results to deciding if the desired results produce or not, helps the child to use computational thinking skill and understand how to approach various challenges and problems using logic and computational thinking.


4)Learn Problem Solving 

  • Coding helps to get over any challenges because  understanding logic, at a rooted, has improved problem-solving skill tenfold. 
  • After breaking down tasks to small components , it is easy to sort out problems and this logic approach develops problem solving skill in children.


5)Learn Structural Thinking 

  • Children learn how to build something large from lots of smaller pieces put together. which helps them to see the big picture made up of small parts and figure out how each one is relating with the other parts thus ultimately helps the child to decide which area need to focus first on priority basis.

6)Learn Algorithmic Thinking 

  • Algorithmic thinking helps kids to break down problems and think of solutions as step-by-step procedure. The ability to sequence requires higher-order thinking skills, from recognizing patterns to determining cause and effect and more.
  • Sequencing helps students understand and organize components as well as helps them to solve the problems. This concept not just applicable to programming but also to real-scenarios as well.


7)Learn Determination

  • They are compelled to analyze what is not working, why it is not working, and figure out how to correct it until it works means in order to solve the problem they are coming up with different solutions until they have the right one. They need to find a solution and trying one after another one until the problem is resolved consequently learned constancy and debugging skill.
  • By experimenting, children learn and strengthen their brains. Even when they make a mistake they learn. They know how to plan and organize thoughts. 


8)Coding Encourages to Think Outside of the Box 

  • Coding gives a platform to children to create anything from nothing and enable them to not only go through digital media and technology, but to create it. Example- rather of simply playing a video game or using an app, they can imagine making their own video game.
  • Lets take example of basic programming skill i.e. the use of loops. which help to write the program in the shortest, clearest and most concise way possible as a result  developed the nature of planning ahead and staying organized. 


9)Coding Encourages Creativity

  • Coding encourages children to exercise their imaginations and experiment and gives them the confidence to be creative and design something that is entirely their own. Thus children learn and strengthen their brains. 


10)Improve Academic Performance

  • In this generation children are growing up with electronic devices like computers, smartphones, digital toys etc. Coding helps them to understand how software in their devices is running and how web pages working.
  • Coding encourage the development of executive functioning skills, such as problem solving, planning and mathematical thinking along with computational thinking and programming skills.


12)Coding Encourages Curiosity

  • Coding encourages to turn up with your own solutions, consequently children are able to experiment and learn themselves. Experimenting with code allows children to understand that there is more than one solutions or approach to a particular problem.


13)Coding Improves Math Skills

  • Conversions of  thoughts into writing instructions is a skill complementary to math where children able to  visualize abstract concepts.
  • Coding statements usually contain math expressions that need to be resolved for the program to move forward. Hence math and coding go hand-in-hand. Math will help students become better at Coding. At the same time, Coding will help students become better at Math.
  • Cuemath’s belief – Kids who code , develop analytical thinking skills which enhances their understanding of Maths, making it more fun and engaging.
  • For example,  while a student is learning to develop games there are different concepts like positioning the characters, setting the speed of the characters, figuring out a scoring mechanism, all of this requires strong math abilities like spatial reasoning, arithmetic operations with whole numbers and integers etc.


14)Coding Develops Confidence

  • When children learn coding and able to create something that works,  make them feel or generate  a sense of achievement and boost their self-confidence. There is nothing better than seeing a child proud of a particular project that they have completed.


15)Coding Improves Logic

  •  Coding requires the use of logical thinking which lead to think differently. Coding required formulating step by step procedures to produce a desired outcome. Thus it enhances logic.
  • Coding is based on mathematical thinking and allows children to convert theoretical  ideas(existing in thought) into coding instructions. This gives a structure to their logical thinking abilities.


16) Learn Accepting Challenges 

  • Learning coding develops debugging skill means  children gain the ability to try and try again until they succeed and produce the desired result.
  • They develops the ability to get over after failure. They learn that failure is not a poor quality, instead positive because it teaches a learning opportunity and generate determination skill.


17)Develop Analytical Thinking Skills

  • They learn to analyze options and have to come up with a way to solve any challenges they come across.
  • These problem-solving skills are a great benefit in their day to day lives and can help them to solve real-life situations. Hence being able to code effectively , needs to use logical thinking.


18)Coding Improves Communication

  • Coding helps to learn communication skill as children communicate with the computers who have no brains and which follows the instructions.


19) Learn to Automate Many Task
  • They learn and develop their brains through experimentation, helping them to find  generative and fruitful solutions to problems.
  • Kids who learn coding and programming logic are better problem solvers, have stronger analytical reasoning skills, and become more involved, curious learners and have a drive to construct knowledge.



  • Coding is a important knowledge in this computerized world , and it is important for children to understand and be able to work with the technology around them. When learn coding children learn and develop their brains through experimentation, helping them to find creative solutions to problems and their way of appeal towards the solution is totally different.
  • We learn how to think, how to self-learn, how to consider all the feature while solving one thing, how to break down the big thing into small problems. The ability to take a large problem and break it down into a pieces of smaller tasks, taking a solution and shorten it to make it applicable to a larger set of problems improve decision making and critical thinking skill.
  • Learning coding is a learning itself. It can help to do many things easily and can increase productivity in many tasks .
  • Coders think logically about a problem. Thus stop giving up on other difficult situations in day-to-day life and start trying over and over again.
  • The life skills developed by learn coding are greatly useful in many other fields of life. Exp- problem-solving skills, creativity, algorithmic, sequential ,computational thinking skills, communication, creativity, math skill, logic skills and confidence etc . These are the perfect answer of Why learn coding or why should I learn coding. 


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