Why Learning English is Important in India take us to distant past. 200 years of British rule in India have many long-term effects in terms of many factor directly or indirectly. Out of several , English language in India is one of them. During the British rule, English was made the official language. After British left India, it wasn’t easy to change the official language so, it was left as it is. Even though getting freedom, we are logically slaves because of the ‘English Stamp’ that is enclosed inside us. We should blame ourselves for holding the English very tight without losing it. We opened our doors and allowed English to enter. We upbringing and nurtured English well in furtherance of increased their size beyond the door size, and they are unable to get out.

Why Learning English is Important

Why Learning English is Important

Most important reasons to learn English

1)English is a global language

English is an international language and we can’t ignore its valuation. Most of literature of worldwide famous writers are available in English, not only on internet also in books format. Most popular media is in English. Facebook, WhatsApp, Computer, Internet are primarily in English. Major technological and scientific development have been written in English language. It is one of the world’s business languages which is understood by many countries. Many research journals are presented in the same language.

2)Many scientific and technological progress are written in English

The world is changing at a great speed. This is all due to the scientific and technological progress which the other countries have made. If we want to keep step off  with these fast moving countries, than scientific and technological research must be made in our own land through knowledge of these subjects and useful books on these subjects.

3) English is language of media industry

Almost every digital application or web tool is mainly based on English. It helps to get connected to the world via news channels like the BBC, Fox news. It helps to watch Hollywood movies or even any other language movies with English subtitles. English is internationally more widespread, thus simplifying communication. 700 Million people use English as their second / foreign language. Three-quarters of the world’s mail, telexes and cables are in English. Half the content on the internet written in English. Hence through learn English anyone enjoy their favorite books, songs, films and TV shows.

4) Boosting career opportunities

We entered into the global market which  requires a person to have good communication and understanding of English. It helps to compete at global level. Getting a good job is everybody wish and to fulfill that dream is to  command over it. Almost every corporate company is looking for a person with good command on English. That is why Group Discussion, Presentation, Seminars has become a common part of recruitment process for almost all organizations. 

A large portion of Indian economy and employment market is dependent on outsourcing and export. Indian middle class prefer working with an American Multinational company (MNC)and are crazy for US visa and job.

5) English is important languages for business

English is considered to be one of the most important business languages. When it comes to our appraisals, client meetings , project deliveries,  transmit our knowledge, product, deliverable and training we use only English languages.

These days, the job market is global, many companies need employees who can communicate with partners and clients all over the world. Indian Information Technology got it’s supremacy over China or European countries mainly because of availability of English speaking people. The $150 bn Indian IT is supported by millions of English speaking Indians with relevant technical skills.

6) Learning English make it easier to travel

If you are planning to visit a country where the native language is not the same as yours, it is advisable to learn English Since it is an international language, you will most likely find someone who can speak it, making communicating much easier.

Expressing yourself becomes easier everywhere you go. It is simple to ask for something and even explain what you want. When you can speak a common language, interacting with others becomes less challenging. When you know that you can easily express yourself and even make new friends, your confidence improves during travel. Knowing the basics of the English language can assist you with every day pleasantries and crucial phrases frequently used while traveling. As a universal language, English is often used in tourist areas.

Thus, even if you do not have a local tour guide, you will not have any problems getting to the attractions you want to visit.  By reading signs, you can also book accommodations and obtain other services in a foreign country without hiring a tour guide. In addition, when you can speak a universal language, even bargaining for products and services becomes possible.

7) English is regarded as top superior language

We are grown up in a surrounding where English is regarded as one of the most superior language. Students who are studying subjects like science and mathematics other than English languages, are not considered as bright students. Technical terms and theories are pretty difficult in Indian languages and in some major examinations, we do not have question papers set in other languages except English.

8) English is symbol of status

Our celebrities, movie stars and academicians prefer to speak in English on public platforms and meetings to  showoff their English in front of media. When we follow them in totality, of-course we will follow their speaking style as well.

9) Accessing a better education

Our Educational System believes employment is more important than actual learning process. They think English as a Global language will bring Jobs. Almost all the degree level examinations conducting in English. Even after the completion of their studies, the students need to have sufficient proficiency in English for getting involved in the process of Job seeking like  vacancies of the jobs announcements and need to possess the capability to perceive the criteria for the vacancy.

 Good English helps to crack GRE, IELTS, TOEFL like exams for higher studies and opportunity to work in USA, UK, Canada or Australia. Having English language skills increases the chances of getting a good job, whether in a multinational company or working abroad.

Starting from the top-level services like civil services, SC, Banking, Education, Armed services all have given a lot of weightage to the English section that is hard to be ignored. If you speak good English, there’re lots of opportunities for you to find an appropriate school and course to suit your needs. Thus learning English accessing a better education.

10)India diversified with different languages

English language occupy the top position in Indian society after Independence because India is a diversified with different languages spoken to communicate with one another all over the country . It’s true that before conquer the external world, you have to master the inner world  otherwise external world defeat you without much difficulty and English language is the perfect answer.

11) English opens digital door

Why Learning English is Important because most of the higher education books are printed in English. English is the third most spoken language in the world. “How to learn English” keyword is searched on Google monthly and 44.9% (55,364) people searching in India. Learning the language will allow you to access information that otherwise may not be available to you. Learn English allow you to access films, music and literature from hundreds of countries around the globe.

12) Learning English Can Make Feel Smarter

The corporate sector employs people who are confident and speak fluent English apart from the basic skills required for the job. Even if one has got a perfect resume, education, and experience that makes one eligible for a job but lacks in English will certainly not get his/her dream job. If you desire a good and well-paid job it’s very important to have good command in English. 


If you have great presentation skills in English then you are ‘useful for everything’ or else ‘good for nothing’ is the main reason behind Why Learning English is Important?

It should be noted that English is spoken or understood by about 150 million Indians, or about 10 percent of the population. This means that around 90 percent of Indians do not understand or speak English. 20.68% of the total population of India speaks English that is approximately 125,226,449 people according to Wikipedia. Apparently, India is the World’s second largest English speaking country.

In Germany, Belgium, Spain, France etc.. There very few people know English. But still Italy is counted in one of the Cultured and Advanced Country. Not only Italy, there are other countries like Germany, Spain, Japan etc where most importance is given to their National language. And they are one of the best countries in the world. Has anyone seen Americans forgetting and disrespecting their mother tongue and feeling ashamed of speaking in front of others, has anyone seen any Chinese do like that? Is there any Japanese who uses second language more than his mother tongue , specially in big functions or parties then Why Learning English is Important in India and Indian feel so much proud to speak English.

Most of the countries like China, Russia, Spain etc are the examples of those countries where their official language is mandatory in all private as well as public sector like in all business. They didn’t speak any language other than their own official language in their farms. Countries like Japan and South Korea learned science, technology and business in Japanese and Korean without switching to English medium And this is the main reason due to which these are the minor exporter of their countries engineer, trader, businessman, actor, director etc. Most of the talents in India are taken or hired by other countries just because of talent as well as English.

If an Indian pursue to study in the UK, he needs to clear the TOEFL (Test Of English As A Foreign Language). But when it comes to foreigners visiting India, they are very secure and pleasant, by speaking just English – because there’s no requirement to learn the language of that India which they are visiting. Europeans visit us to learn our language, culture and values. They don’t come to see another version of their own culture.

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2 thoughts on “Why Learning English is Important In India

  1. True,
    Grammatically, Indian writes the best English in the globe taking care of comma, full stop and other grammatical prepositions to the optimum even better than English man.

    In our country there being so many regional languages , English stands as the only mode of communication. At some places it binds us together also. We ourselves speak practical Hindi, otherwise pure Hindi is very difficult to work at.

    Having stayed in Japan for 6 months, I saw the language honour & pride they feel while speaking Japanese. They keep Interpreters for delivering speeches internationally or at corporate levels.

  2. Have you ever been to countries like Japan, which is the most technologically advanced country, but does not use English. It uses Japanese, and if we go to Japanese Buddhist temples, we can find out their traditional languages, which should be adopted in India instead of English… Sanskrit!

    Most of the major developments in the world except for the last 300 years were written in Sanskrit, as India was the prime of scientific and technological development in the world for the past several thousands of years, maybe tens of thousands of years. Paninian Sanskrit grammar has mathematical values, which makes it the most technologically copious language. Those well versed in Sanskrit can understand computing much easier. Even the Fibonacci sequence, which is described in sentences or paragraphs in English can be described in only two words in Sanskrit (Alpapraanamcamahaapraanam gunayati)

    Indians had discovered the speed of light and even knew some concepts of relativity in Sanskrit. The Harappan phase of our civilization was the most advanced in the world. Did we have English at that time? No, we had Sanskrit (Don’t say Tamil based on the fake Aryan Dravidian theory).

    One might say that Sanskrit is a dead language and it is difficult to revive it, and all that stuff. But the fact is that whenever we are conversing in Indian languages (including Tamil), we use at least 40% Sanskrit vocabulary. In Kannada, I use 80% Sanskrit vocabulary. I used to do very bad at Hindi earlier, but when I learnt Sanskrit, it became easier for me to learn many Indian languages. All Indian languages have descended from some form of Sanskrit at least (including the so called Dravidian languages). People will understand each other in India when they talk Sanskrit. They will also feel connected to their culture, and will not feel rootless.

    During the Ancient times, traders and businessmen also learnt Sanskrit to converse with us. Now we are learning English to converse with them.

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