Side Effects of Ginger (Adrak)

Ginger are universally accepted and has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. However, excess consumption may have some serious Side Effects of Ginger.

Ginger taken widely as medicinal treatment. While the side effects of ginger largely happen due to excessive intake of ginger, in many cases it aggravates health issues and causes adverse effects  like induce irritation in and around the mouth, heartburn, and diarrhoea in some people. The chief adverse effect of ginger is mild gastrointestinal irritation. But it is true that a herb so powerful have some sorts of side-effects. In fact herbalists advise not to take more than 4 grams of ginger in a single day. 

Following are Some Side Effects Of Ginger

1. Excessive Bleeding During Menstruation

Ginger is considered a natural blood thinner. This is why some menstruating women may experience increased bleeding if they consume excessive ginger in their diets. This blood thinning action of ginger is due to the presence of the acid salicylate, which has anti-coagulation properties means prevent the formation of blood clots.

2. Hypoglycaemia(excessive lowering of blood sugar)

Ginger and ginger extracts have been known to help diabetes patients reduce blood sugar or glucose levels. This is due to the presence of the main active compound of the root- gingerols- which enhance the uptake of glucose into muscle cells without the need for insulin. Therefore, non-diabetics or people with low blood sugar levels may use ginger with caution.

3. Disturbed Digestion

Although ginger is said to be an effective home remedy for a number of gastric issues like heartburn, gas and bloating, it may result in completely opposite symptoms if consumed in excess. Consuming over 4 or 5 gms of ginger per day may result in mild heart burn and may even trigger gas and bloating.

4. Low Blood Pressure

When consumed in excess by people suffering from low blood pressure, it may further lead to a BP drop, severe heart problems and leading to a number of unprecedented complications.

5. Miscarriage

According to certain experts, consuming ginger can increase the risk of miscarriage.Ginger can increases the bleeding risk by decreasing aggregation of platelets means due to its anti-platelet (blood thinning) properties.

6. Diarrhea

If taken in large quantities, ginger can cause diarrhea. Gingerols, the active ingredients in ginger, speed up the passage of food through the intestines and may cause diarrhea.

7. Cause Heartburn

Ginger, when taken in higher doses (more than 4 grams per day), may cause mild heartburn. As per anecdotal evidence, other likely side effects include an upset stomach and belching.

8. Cause Mouth Irritation

This is also called Oral Allergy Syndrome. Certain allergies occur when you consume certain foods. The symptoms are generally specific to the ears, skin, and mouth. 

9. Frequent Urination

Excess consumption of lemon ginger tea  may cause frequent urination. 

10. Ginger Water

The side effects include heartburn, stomach ache, gas, and a burning sensation in the mouth.

11. Avoid  Gallstones Patient

Ginger stimulates many secretary glands in the body; it has “sialogogic” effect (increases salivary juice secretion in the mouth) on salivary glands; increase bile secretion and its release. Thus better to avoid gallstones patient.


It’s better not to use ginger if you have certain medical conditions due to some side effects of ginger. If you have any bleeding disorder, cardiac disease, diabetes mellitus, high bloo pressure (hypertension) or low blood pressure (hypotension), consult with your physician. Do not use if you have a hypersensitivity or gallbladder disease.

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