Confusion of little one

Today, Aditi’s mind was not feeling in the work. Confusion of Little one Repeatedly,  echoed in her ears, “Mother, am I big or small today?” Because when Nimu cries for something, you told them that, you are big, give her this thing, take care of her, and you are her elder sister. “But when” I do something with my own wish, then you say you do not do it now you are too young “.

Aditi starts to reverse the pages of the past, and Sinu is born today. How happy it is, it seems that the angel has come home from heaven. Since began to grow slowly in the shade of love, kindness, and affection of all. Mom and Dad have a narrow rule for Sinu at home. The father used to move her on his shoulder, and she became the whole world to them. What’s the reason behind the confusion of little one?

The time passed, Sinu was four years old, and now they started feeling that someone else should be with Sinu. The future is uncertain, nobody knows it. Anyway, she should never feel the lack of loneliness. Nimu was brought to the world by thinking of all these concepts.

After the arrival of the younger one, the feet of the elder sister did not fall on the ground. She loved her little sister too much, and always revolves around her. But when she found a younger one at her place or replaced herself, the feeling would have been a little bad. Till now  Sinu the elder daughter slept near mummy, which was  her sleeping place, where she had been sleeping for so many years, “Now Nimu the younger one take up her place.”  Earlier, Mamma Papa had “the reign of their elder daughter for a long time, but now even some time spent for younger one”.

There was no effect on his gentle mind, it was taken care of. Even now she was the princess of the house, which was being loved as a flower. It was always kept in mind that “the thought never come to her mind after my sister’s arrival, my love has diminished”.

Even after taking such precautions, sometimes between the two, “the small side becomes heavy”. When the thing was the one and there was a quarrel between them, then they would explain to elder one Sinu, “your sister is small, you are big, give it to her, will give you another better than this one.”, ” I  think now,  this should be wrong and maybe the vital reason of confusion of little one.

I remember when both of them were playing with their toys. Then we said to Sinu the elder one, “Play with her the way she wants to play so that she can easily feed” because it would be very difficult to feed smaller Nimu. Sweet Sinu also left the game of her choice and played with the smaller one accordingly, so that her little sister could feed easily.

I think today, it seems wrong, “she is also a little child, why do we expect her to do all that thing, which will make our work easier”. she has the full right to play according to her own. She says I have to play outside, we want her to play with her sister at home so that we can handle our work.

The story of our neighbor – I remember “when a girl was busy in her game. His younger brother came to her on the road, then a cycle passed through his brother. “And his father came suddenly and started shouting at that girl,” You are busy in your game. Your younger brother is on road, what happened if a bicycle hit him, you can not take care of him. “The girl takes her heart and holds her younger brother and goes on one side.


I saw the question on her face, “I am also small, does the first child grow up suddenly when another child comes?”. What is the condition of that child? It is very important to understand this, for every parent who has two children are of less space. We make the child smaller and larger according to our needs. The first child is also small, and should never snatch his childhood. He/she should become bigger than his/her age, not according to circumstance and necessity. Confusion Of Little One teach us many things.

Always take the decision by keeping his/her mental state in mind, we should spend a lot of time with them, and play with them.He/she should love more than before, whenever we have the opportunity, He/she should take it to places like Park, Market, etc. Because if the mothers will not have enough time for the elder one, the child becomes stubborn. At the same time, he/she starts hating mind with his/her younger brother/sister. He/she feels that after the arrival of the small / younger he keeps him away from them. As the child grows his mentality becomes even stronger, which can lead to trouble for you later.

The elder child may have a sense of insecurity about the small. It may seem that due to the coming of a small child the parents love him less. In such a way, he/she tends to take care of his parent’s attention and may even harm themselves. Thus increase your little demonstrations of love for your child. Temporary regressions or behavior problems are normal and can be eased with an extra dose of time and attention. We have to remove all the Confusion of Little One.

Things sure have changed with the new baby here. It’s going to take us all some time to get used to this. Keep your comments for the elder one mild and general.

Aditi was able to understand the voice of her soul. There was a strange glow on her face, now she knew what to do.

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18 thoughts on “Confusion Of Little One

  1. Its a very genuine thought…..keep it in my mind in future with my babies;-)!!!!!!!!!! well done Lata……proud of you;-)

  2. Congratulation for your innovative and natural thoughts written to you blog. My best wishes and keep writing another new discovery.

  3. Perfect one….nicely narrated…what i feel this story is perfectly matched with my babies…each and every words are truely matched…Thanks

  4. Good job !!

    The delimma of elder one is beautifully worded. Loved it.

    Would like to read the future blogs also.

  5. You have beautifully picked each and every bit of real life, what we forget while we have two kids , how we expect the elder one who is of the age of just 5 years to behave as a baby seater.
    We do mistakes at time which have been captured by you in a sweet manner.
    Great , keep it up.

    — Anil

  6. Nicely presented about the thoughts and confusions of tiny hearts realistic problems.

    Indeed a nice presentation

  7. Good job, excellent step to express the things which is very common but people overlooked.keep it up👍👌

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