Mathematics Impact Our Life In Following Ways:

Cooking/Preparing food

We use ratios & proportions to make correct calculations of ingredients during cooking uses mathematics concept. 

a) Suppose we are using rice cooker with proportion of “1:2.5” cup of rice and water and if need arises to serve more 5 person then how to use right proportion.

b)If a recipe required 2/3 of a cup of flour, we need to calculate how much half is or double of 2/3 of a cup of flour.

c)If mention “2 tablespoons” of sugar. we only have a tea/soup spoon or the recipe need “3/4 cup,” but we only have a quarter cup / half cup measuring tool. How much adds up to “3/4”? how much to replace half-cup of flour with tablespoons of flour.

Most importantly all we need the learning of mathematics. Everyday situations require to be knowledgeable in computations of whole numbers, decimals,calculation, fractions and conversions etc.

The importance of mathematics in our life

Home Decorating/Remodelling

A tile installer will need to calculate the floor area/perimeter of a bathroom or a kitchen to determine how many tiles required uses mathematics.

Google’s search engine

The inner workings of Google’s search engine base on advanced maths such as network theory, matrix algebra and probability theory. 


1)Ultrasound, Health Record,MRI scan,X-Ray,Oncology,Body Mass Index ,Medical imaging all uses practical application of maths.

2)Medical researchers are developing mathematical ways to detect cancer more accurately.The mathematics of fractals – very complex geometric shapes – is just what the doctor ordered, helping to capture the difference between the shape of a healthy cell and a cancerous one.

3) Medicines are made up of various components that need to be mixed in the right proportions also need mathematics knowledge.

4)Advanced research on new drugs  relies on mathematics.

Shopping for best price

Stores/Shops offered sales on different items that give a percentage off on an Mrp price. What is the price of that item, once the 40% sale is applied? And there after 8% GST is added? What if it’s mention as “half-off,” or “25% off the sale price”?We encounter these thing in day to day life. Here the knowledge of percentage, discount worked which is also based on mathematics.

House Hold Bill Payment/Managing Budget

1) For cross check of electricity bill, water bill we need to do calculations with meter reading and slabs offered price, areal amount, previous balance amount etc also need maths.

2) Mathematics help us to organise small/big party , calculate whole the things for expenses, for arrangements.


 If we investment/taking loan, Math’s knowledge i.e. decimal,percentage ,interest and compound interest is helpful to adopt the best plan that will be beneficial or cheaper in long term.


An electrician/ carpenters/mason all required mathematics knowledge to figure out how much quantity of items needed for their work.

Time Management

Time also required Mathematics knowledge like fraction. When we tell it’s “a quarter-to four,” we are telling that a quarter of an hour remains until it becomes four o’clock. i.e. “a quarter,” or “one fourth,” is the same as “15 minutes.” 15 is one-fourth of 60, which is the number of minutes in an hour.


Basic knowledge of math helps keep track of sports scores.Geometry and trigonometry can help to improve skill in sports.


Opinion polls and focus groups uses Maths concept based electronic gadgets.

Music and Videogames

Mathematics play a vital role on an audio compact disc, the sounds hear are coded by a mathematical sequence into a string of 1s and 0s, which are grouped into 8-bit words. So that the recorded sound is more resilient to damage to the medium, duplicate packets of data are added to the disc, so that the decoding device (a CD player) can detect and correct the sequence, if dust or scratches obscure some of the data on the disc.


1) Fabrication software utilising geometric properties (such as the dimensions of a part) in order to build their products need maths.

2)Helpful in designing the lenses in our spectacles.

3) Bees, masters of geometry, use hexagons to build their honeycombs. The Fibonacci sequence of numbers in mathematics is found throughout nature: in pine cones, seashells, trees, flowers, and leaves.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) / Machine learning / Data Science

Mathematics is the bedrock of any existing rule of science.It shows us how to solve very difficult deep conceptual problems. It does that by using methods and techniques of mathematics already known.

it provides means of implementing how their goals can be reached. Almost all the techniques of modern data science, machine learning, AI have a deep mathematical  basis structure/support or strong foundation.

Without Math knowledge all are just like travel in darkness or proceed without knowing the concept or procedure.

It is said that If AI is the secret sauce to make Pepper smarter! Then math is the air for all the essential ingredients to make that sauce! “

Maths is known as “The Lingua Franca of Science”

Just as English is the international language of domain like business and geopolitics, mathematics enjoys the same supremacy in the world of science.

Mathematics  teaches techniques on estimating and approximating length, distance, quantity, weight, and many others that will eventually use on some days or everyday. Basic Maths Skills help us do many things that are important in our Everyday Life. 

The laws of mathematics  applicable everywhere around us. 

First of all we have to accept that Mathematics is not just a subject in which we have to secure good marks in examinations and move to upper level that’s all. It plays a very important part and vital role in every steps of our life.

Importance Of Learning Mathematics 

1) Mathematics helps us think analytically i.e.  Thinking about things in a detailed and intelligent way or breaking down problems into smaller parts / basic principles to find solutions .

As we know there is one common thing between Sherlock Holmes and Albert Einstein i.e. they were both analytical — meaning they were good at breaking down problems into smaller parts to find solutions.

2) Mathematics  gives Better reasoning abilities (think logically about a situation)i.e. the ability to draw connections between factors or  synthesize a message from a body of information and then reach to conclusion.

3) Mathematics  generate problem-solving skills i.e. defining the problem, generating alternatives, Evaluating and selecting alternatives, implementing solutions.

Therefore Math is not just a subject it is much more than that. Math give us above all three skills which sharpen our mind, analytical skill help us to learn, reasoning abilities help to think in any field of endeavor to find out suitable solutions, problem-solving skills helps to divide a problem into its structural and logical components, analyzing the underlying patterns and conditions to find a solution.

Mathematics is the base of all invention without which no one can move a bit.

 Impact Of Mathematics In Every Steps of Our Life

Farmer/cook/musician/magician/doctor/carpenter/shopkeeper/engineers/scientist/charted accountant/manager/builder/weather forecasting/scuba diving/playing billiards/counting calories/hotel industry/ formulating medicines/ meteorology/ designing/ medical imaging devices/ using statistics/ managing personal data with cryptography everyone needs maths in their day to day life. 

Math skills provide important tools for development and give us the ability to reason or reasonable all the time in the real world like

a)to prefer the best among all feasible alternative,

 b)to discriminate between positive and negative circumstances ,

 c)to decide how to proceed towards a problem and settle  it.

Learning Mathematics helpful to us in many real life situations.It develop Life Skills that are used near about 90–95% of our daily life.

There are certain situations in life that allow us to be analytical and it is crucial when making decisions.Mathematics develops our analytical brains to be able to analyze situations more before reacting on that.

The Importance of Mathematics In Our Life

1)We have to visit  very closure patient in distant location but daughter’s exam will be on next day. This demand reasoning, because we must scrutinize the two possibilities, trying to balance both.Hence Mathematics Knowledge is important.It help to learn and think creatively and critically.

 2)We have only one thing in hand and recipient are more.In this case also mathematics help us. It’s about how fast and quick our brain is to recognize  and come up with a unique way of solving it.

3)Also, we are often met with circumstances  that force us to make moral decisions between right and wrong. Suppose in an event best friend force to drink where as our concise does not allow us. In this case, we must reasonate between both options.Mathematics knowledge helps to justify the logistics of situations.

4)Pickup the best moment in our life ,we go to flash back and remembered all the good thing happened to us mentally than out of all occasion, eliminate the one which is less priority wise , and narrow down our focuses to two or three.

Finally, we considered what we liked most between them and come to a conclusion based on that information. Hence Math is the only subject where the brain is used.Mathematics is actually a tool that builds up our brain to face the daily life problems. 

Research Report

Research conducted by Dr. Tanya Evans of Stanford University indicates that children who know math are able to recruit certain brain regions more reliably, and have greater gray matter volume in those regions, than those who perform more poorly in math.  The brain regions involved in higher math skills in high-performing children were associated with various cognitive tasks involving visual attention and decision-making etc.

The Importance of Mathematics In Our Life


Hence we concluded that  Math is a powerful and incredibly useful tool. Skill that are promote by mathematics are power of reasoning, analytical skill, creativity ability, abstract skills , critical thinking, problem-solving ability, communication skills, recognizing patterns etc.

Mathematics knowledge is our basic necessity. It is as important as salt in our life. Can you imagine life without salt? Therefore not knowing math is like walking through a Garden of beautiful flowers with our eyes and nose closed.

A mathematical concept is acceptable universally ie 3+2=5 is true for everywhere in the universe. It does not change according to language, region, state or country.

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